See what 4TAir can do for you and harness the power of drone technology to launch your business forward into the future.

Safety | Regulatory Compliance | Commercial UAV Advisors

Drone Assessment

Get in touch with our team of experts to determine what drone applications are available for your business or cause to further your objectives. From commercial to rescue and relief operations, we can find the right tools to get the job done in an effective and cost-efficient manner.


Policies and Procedures

4TAir can assist and provide valuable knowledge and experience that will ensure your drone program takes off without complications. From operational regulations, policies, and procedures, 4TAir has the capability to add value in every touch-point following the guidelines and regulations established by the US Department of Transportation and the Federal Aviation Agency.


UAS Integration

As industry-leaders we have the knowledge and experience to make recommendations based on statistics and performance data. We have the expertise to recommend the right tools for the job, from thermal to Hi-Res cameras, from single-rotor to multi-rotor drones, and more.



We follow all of the US Department of Transportation and the Federal Aviation Agency rules and regulations during our training sessions and we encourage clients to adhere to these guidelines. As part of our program, we ensure our clients understand all the pertinent regulations and pilot safely. With 4TAir you will be able to identify and follow all relevant state and federal UAS regulations.




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