We provide UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) advisory services for many industries such as the Power Industry, and commercial UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) consulting services as required by the US Department of Transportation and the Federal Aviation Agency.

Our team of certified professionals will deliver fast and cost-effective results for your existing or emerging business.

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Launch a brighter future for your organization with a new drone program.

Drones are evolving. Now they are more adaptable and better equipped for commercial needs. The newest breakthroughs in drone technology are reinventing the way we live and creating new opportunities for expansion. From commercial use to saving lives, drones are a multipurpose tool that offers the potential to re-imagine the future of your projects. 

Learning the ropes.

Federal and state regulations are framing the operation of drones and their potential uses. As the commercial and public safety implementation of drones grows, the need for safe and qualified pilots increases. Agencies require certified pilots who have knowledge and experience navigating the National Airspace System to ensure maximum productivity. That’s where we come in.

4TAir will give you the tools.

Launching a new drone program may seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. FAA regulations require that all pilots flying for commercial operations be licensed under CFR Part 107. As the leading drone instructors in Puerto Rico, 4TAir has the best training tools to turn you into a professional so you can pass the FAA’s Remote Pilot Knowledge Test, and receive your certification. Our experienced and knowledgeable instructors will teach you how to plan and conduct safe missions while taking you from a novice pilot to a proficient operator.

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